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Bridge Inspection

A bridge survey close to a canal lock and a weir meant some specialist equipment was needed for this particular project.

As the bridge was situated across a busy canal basin, our work pontoon had to be manoeuvrable and stable. Close proximity to a weir meant some fast flowing water which increased every time the lock gate was opened.

Our design team decided to deploy our bespoke, lightweight, aluminium spud legs. In their specially constructed brackets they are bolted onto the side of our pontoons and can be dropped and raised quickly, securing the pontoon in place, using only a manual winch. The brackets are hinged to allow the spud legs to be folded horizontally to pass underneath low structures. We attached our 4 metre aluminium work boat with bow push knees and twin winch lines clipped in place. This meant we were fully manoeuvrable and so gave minimal disruption to canal users and provided a solid stable platform for the survey team. With the pontoon in place the workboat can be quickly detached and used as a safety boat or for crew/ equipment transfer.

All our equipment was taken to site on our crane trailer and using only a two man team and our Copma 35 crane we launched our workboat and pontoon sections straight onto the water, ready to go. Same for the pack down at the end. This low impact approach gave minimal disruption to local residents.

If you have a project requiring a bespoke solution speak to our design team to see how we can help you.

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