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Ryde St Johns

Building Demolition Support

A redundant building set for demolition at a rail depot, sat alongside a water course, was no problem for our design and build team. Despite a significant drop in level from the yard to the water a simple solution was proposed to gain access.

The project was in three phases:Firstly, to allow access to erect a scaffold work deck above water. Second, access to the scaffold for the demolition team.Thirdly, fixing a new palisade fence along the boundary line to the watercourse.

A 16 metre long by 2 metre wide pontoon was constructed at our yard along with a separate set of steps, all built ready to go. This was broken into sections and loaded on our crane trailer for despatch.

Once on site our team quickly dropped the sections into place using our Crane Trailer and bolted them together. The steps were then lifted and put in place and secured to the pontoon. Guard rails and safety equipment were attached and the floating work deck was ready for the scaffolding team. Once the scaffold was up the building could be safely demolished and all the time the pontoon gave an extra level of safety for the team working alongside the water. With the building gone the scaffolding was removed and the final phase of levelling the site and installing the new palisade fencing was completed. Our team returned to remove the pontoon quickly and efficiently, the same way it was delivered.

If you have a unique problem over water involving access, lifting or both, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Ryde St Johns
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