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3.6m Rigiflex

Smaller sister to our 4m, the 3.6 is another great all round rugged safety/work boat. Shallow draft on all our Rigiflex boat fleet allow work to be undertaken in places our larger vessels can't reach.

Ideal for providing safety cover for works on piers and bridges over water, small enough to get in between all the support columns. Having no a-frame or aerials they can also get to areas with reduced height clearance. 

We can provide these to operate from one of our larger vessels as a mothership such as Rebel Anchorman or Rebel Protector. This allows us to operate in worse conditions or further offshore, while also having our own onboard welfare for crews. 

Used in conjunction with our Modular Pontoons, they

make a great safety/work boat combination. Our pontoons giving a safe stable platform to allow work

to be undertaken.

Download our PDF to see full spec 

Rigiflex 3.6m 7.jpg
Rigiflex 3.6m 2.jpg
Rigiflex 3.6m 14.jpg
Rigiflex 3.6m 10.jpg
Rigiflex 3.6m 5.jpg
Rigiflex 3.6m 9.jpg
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