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guard boat Services

Guard Boat Services and Guard Vessels for Charter & Hire

We have a selection of vessels suitable for guard or security works. Our vessels can respond quickly to deter other vessels from entering an exclusion zone using fitted lights, sirens and loud hailer or can perform patrol duties in a designated operational area. Equipped with RADAR, AIS, multiple marine VHF sets and CCTV we can monitor and record shipping movements and communications at all times.

Our team of experienced operators are trained to monitor the operational area liaising with the relevant harbour authorities and recognising any potential safety issues before they occur. From a solo vessel to give support to your own operations to supplying multiple vessels to provide a moving cordon with lead boat, wing guards and a command centre that gives you control over the area. We can advise on the best arrangement for your project even including tide and weather mapping.


Our previous guard boat works include: Solent charity swims, dive operations, underwater operations, cable laying and cable pulling, survey works, prototype testing, salvage works.

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