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Modular Spud Leg Pontoon    

Our new versatile modular spud leg pontoon system, remote controlled electric operating spud legs. With an impressive load carrying capacity of 24 tonnes in its current configuration! 


Stiffening beams and frame fitted to keep the plastic floats rigid. Fitted with a moon pool, can be modified into any size and shape. Accurate positioning of the pontoon using the spud legs to hold position against wind and tide. 

Extremely manoeuvrable, shallow draft and unlimited configurations.


Download our PDF to see full spec 

Car Spud Leg 20-min.jpg
12m spud pontoon 7-min.jpg
Car Spud Leg 27-min.jpg
12m spud pontoon 2-min.jpg
Car Spud Leg 12-min.jpg
12m spud pontoon 31-min.jpg
12m spud pontoon 27-min.jpg
12m spud pontoon 4-min.jpg
Crane Pontoon first pile 3-min.jpg
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