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Rebel Five
5m Aluminium Work/Safety Boat

Open stable platform suitable for a variety of tasks, great all round rugged safety/work boat. Push bow fenders and coupling winches make it perfect for moving pontoons, platforms and other vessels, a great addition to our modular pontoons.

Shallow draft and great manoeuvrability perfect for working under piers, bridges, nearshore works and rivers. Large open design and built in seating/storage allow for personnel and kit to be carried onboard.

We have a fleet of safety and work boats available, these can be transported by our own team by road to anywhere in the country. A team can be mobilised with all the relevant safety equipment, welfare and accommodation. Our modular pontoons are also road transportable and can be delivered to site along with one or more work/safety boats.

For projects closer to home our vessels can mobilise by sea, we can provide a 'mothership' such as Rebel Anchorman or

Rebel Protector to allow work to continue further

offshore or in worse conditions. This provides a stable

platform to operate from with onboard welfare and

greater safety cover on larger projects.

Download our PDF to see full spec 

Aluminium 5m 14-min.jpg
Aluminium 5m 24-min.jpg
Aluminium 5m 21-min.jpg
Aluminium 5m 8-min.jpg
Aluminium 5m 22-min.jpg
Aluminium 5m 16-min.jpg
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