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Work Boats

We have a range of work boats available from 3.6m to 10m! 

Safety Boats Ryde Pier.jpg

Safety Boats

Our fleet of safety boats can be used for inland, nearshore and offshore projects. Kitted out with industry leading navigation, comms and safety equipment.

Protector a flag 2.jpg

Dive Support

Dive support boats of different types and sizes to suit your application. Large cabin vessels with onboard welfare to smaller open vessels.

Anchorman Ryde Pier .jpg

Guard Boats 

Our fleet is ideal for guiding pleasure craft users and commercial shipping to safer waters. With multiple vessels available to deploy at once to larger projects.

Anchorman USV 3-min-min.jpg

Survey Boats

Rebel Anchorman is the perfect survey platform with shelter for sensitive equipment and onboard generator for 240v supply.

Lightning Rebel 10.jpg

Crew Transfer

Whether you need yacht crews or contractors transported, our vessels can transfer personnel in comfort at high speed. 

Anchorman 4.jpg

Film & Media

Experience in working with film crews, supplying boats to mount camera booms/crews as well as launching drones.

Filming Lightning Rebel.jpg


Need to get that unique shot on the  water? We can supply the right vessel for the job, fast and stable camera platforms.

Solent Swim.jpg

Solent Swims

Over the last 6 years we have built up extensive experience supplying support boats to cross Solent swims.

Rebel Lander 73.jpg

Landing Craft Charter

Large open landing craft suitable for a huge variety of jobs. Large removable  bench allows for either seating or open deck space. Front opening landing door, push bow fenders, shallow draft and coupling winches.

Modular Pontoon 8.jpg

Modular Pontoon

Built to any size and shape 

Platforms can be built to any size/shape, ideal for repair, survey and maintenance  works over/near water or boggy terrain.

These are available to commercial or leisure users, we have a large stock of floats and accessories to meet any requirements.

Anchorman drone.jpg

Drone Platform

Drones are becoming an increasingly popular way of carrying out aerial surveys, filming and photography. Operators use our vessels to takeoff and land for marine related projects. Rebel Anchorman is the ideal drone platform.

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