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advanced powerboat certificate of competence (COC) & commercial endorsement

What is a commercial endorsement?

A commercial endorsement is required for work on board British flagged vessels subject to the MCA's codes of practice for small commercial vessels.

A number of additional training courses and medical fitness certificates are required to be eligible for a commercial endorsement.

What do I need to apply for a commercial endorsement?

  • Your original certificate  

  • Your Professional Practices and Responsibilities certificate 

  • A commercial endorsement application form - see link on the right 

  • Your original, completed ML5 or ENG1 medical fitness form 

  • A copy of your RYA Basic Sea Survival certificate or STCW Personal Survival Techniques

  • A copy of your RYA Marine Radio SRC Certificate or other acceptable GMDSS Marine Radio Operator's Certificate. 

  • A passport sized photo with your name on the back 

  • The application fee

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