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Modular Pontoon Mounted Crane

Modular pontoon mounted Marine Knuckle Boom Crane, on custom built frame with power pack. Shallow water lifting operations, marine works from piling and scour protection and more.


Once the crane is in the folded position the whole base and frame can be hydraulically tilted on its side to get under lower bridges then returned to its operating position in minutes. 

The spud legs can be lifted out and lowered to the deck and the mast dropped. 

Attachments available inc Grab Bucket, Rotator, Pile Driver and more.

Download our PDF to see full spec 

Rebel Marine - Crane Pontoon-min.jpg
Crane Barge Oli Piling 20-min.jpg
Crane Barge Oli Piling 2-min.jpg
Crane Pontoon first pile 20-min.jpg
Crane Pile Driver -min.jpg
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