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Tracked Compact Crane

The Hoeflon C1e. Fully electric compact tracked pick and carry crane. This mini crane comes equipped with fly jib and hydraulic 25m winch. 


We are able to track this crane onto our modular pontoons to offer more compact lifting arrangements afloat. Due to it being 100% electric it alleviates the need to refuel afloat and risk of spillages.


Manoeuvring in tight spaces no other machine can get to. Ideal for indoor operations, crane also fits in a lift with ease. This is handy at construction sites and in

industrial environments. The Hoeflon C1e is a fully electric mini-crane. That means CO2 neutrality when you work with this machine, in more and more places, this is a firm requirement 🍃.


Little powerhouse. At 1,030kg, the C1e can definitely be called that getting the most out of a 1-tonne mini-crane. 

With extending non-marking rubber tracks and its small dimensions, the C1e is easy to transport. Can be transported with a standard commercial van. 


Operate inside buildings and covered areas with Zero-Emission, long battery life allows for a full days work on one charge.

Available to hire for one day, one week or long term options. 

Machines available Nationwide and Isle of Wight.


Download our PDF to see full spec 

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